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Please ensure to verify the following with your insurance company before your visit:


Confirm whether your insurance company participates with Milford Primary Care Associates located at 301 Jefferson Ave, Milford, DE.


If your insurance company mandates a Primary Care Physician (PCP), ensure that your correct PCP is listed on your insurance card and verify with your insurance company that the listed PCP is associated with 301 Jefferson Ave, Milford, DE.


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Convenient access to quality health care in South Central Delaware

Milford Primary Care is committed to providing the best possible care for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Doing what's right for our patients' individual needs and unique situations is always our priority.

Our mission is to be your family's core medical resource and coordinate all of their healthcare needs: from the prevention and early detection of disease to tests, screenings, and vaccinations to working with specialists to whom you may need to be referred. We understand that your current and immediate medical issues are part of the larger picture that defines your overall long-term health, wellness, and quality of life. Our job is to help you stay healthy as well as take care of you when you're sick or injured.

We want to be your family's trusted health advocate and advisor

No matter how healthy you are or what age you are, your relationship with your physician is a sacred trust. Regular interaction with your primary care provider not only keeps you healthier but can also significantly lower your long-term medical costs. With regular exams and screenings, you're more likely to identify potential health risks early, get treatment sooner, and need less care overall.

Milford Primary Care Associates, Doctor-Patient Team

We're your partner in health

Our goal is to help you and your family live the happiest lives possible, and of course, that means living the healthiest lives possible! We're here to help you with acute health issues like injuries, infections, fevers, allergic reactions, etc. We're also here to help you manage chronic conditions like asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, back and muscle pain, etc. And, of course, Regular preventative care and screenings can help identify potential health risks for early diagnosis and treatment, so they are an essential component of every successful physician-patient relationship.

Regardless of your individual situation's unique challenges and considerations, finding a dedicated doctor close to home is the first step in your journey to better health. Milford Primary Care is physician-owned and operated. We know that what's best for our patients is best for our practice.